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Do you personally consider the Earth of TTS to be utopian/ideal?

It’s better than this Earth. I don’t think of it a dystopia. It’s a Utopia for most people.

I approve of Hairyore! Nyaruko-san at the top of every page. If this can become a Thing I will be immensely pleased. Please answer this ask last in your next batch.

You guys like Haiyore way too much…

I am in favor of a return to Nyaruko.
In terms of on-field fighting skills, how do Mami, Kyouko and Yuma compare with younger but more "active" girls on the front lines? What about Black Heart specialists like Nadya and Misa?

Probably along the lines you’d expect. Lots of specialist skills and trickiness, but probably rusty on raw combat. Black Heart specialists are probably damn good at what they do though.

bakabt me/user/705339/heironym html is this you

As a matter of fact, yes.

Is it intended that the Governance's benevolent dictatorship makes a rather creepy impression? A lot of things are forbidden that frankly shouldn't be; very traditional family and societal values are endorsed. Citizens believe the augmented minds and AIs surely would make better decisions than them, and thus are unlikely to question authority. Society is stratified into a nature preserve of docile humanity and the transhuman leadership. And a war is very convenient excuse to suppress dissent.

Oh yes. It’s not supposed to be some unlimited Utopia.

"Clarisse and her had left it unsaid, but it was obvious."

Noted. Also, the asterisk issues people have pointed out have been fixed in internal copy. I will eventually propoagate it to ffnet once I incoporate all fixes.

hieronym, do you know the term "certified computing"? to illustrate it simply, it means that programs are formally verified with proofs of correctness.

Hmm, I see.

hieronym. I am p sure you are in my time zone, and in my time zone that chapter was posted at 3:50 or thereabouts. what conclusions are we to draw ???? about your sleep schedule ♥

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