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hieronym hieronym you're into lovecraft right! I will recommend you haiyore! nyaruko-san. is a [raburabu(kurahuto)]-type!

In perfect honesty, I tried to watch that show and quit 1.5 episodes in.

(Though I hardly watch anything now, so.)

Those VR issues could have interesting social implications. When you consider that pretty much anyone can record whatever they want just by seeing it, changing rooms, communal baths, hotsprings, etc would probably require a lot more trust than they would otherwise. Although I guess it wouldn't be hard for governance to allow such places the ability to turn off or limit recording capabilities.

I can imagine so.

So, since that other anon's question made me think of this: How taboo are simulations of existing people? I could see inappropriate VR sims being pretty common (and not just of magical girls- Erwynmark would definitely be popular enough). Hell, one could simulate their crush pretty accurately using sensory data. That has to be weird to think about, especially for extremely popular figures.

So this particular line of thought leads disturbing places. After all, there must be significant latent demand for programs that could make holographic (or even VR) videos of whoever you like, the technology is almost certainly there, and no amount of laws against it will prevent someone from trying to make it (and possibly making a lot of money).

The uncomfortable conclusion is that unless Governance is willing to take on an extraordinarily high level of surveillance and control responsibilities, it’s probably impossible to prevent someone, somewhere, from distributing programs capable of taking anyone’s face and mashing it into a video. It’s probably more surveillance than Governance is willing to take on, given its intention not to be obvious about its control capabilities…but that means there must be some pretty tasteless stuff out there.

(Think about it this way: Asaka was able to put together a VR sim where she “had fun” with Alice. Sure, in her case Alice is her dead lover, etc. etc. extenuating circumstances…but it implies that someone with similar resources could put together the same thing for someone completely unrelated to them.)

So what exactly is the deal with consumer computing in the setting? Given how many industries VR can substitute for, I can imagine it would be extremely common and dirt-cheap rather than reserved for hardcore gamers. Obviously, simulation of physics at an atomic level is going to come at a premium (see Permutation City for comparison), but unless Moore's Law died entirely, I would bet everyone could afford reasonably realistic VR around the middle of this century, let alone 25th.

It is mentioned at one point that the relative lack of VR is due to Governance restriction, not lack of fundamnetal ability.

Yuri aficionados of the future carefully scan any news segments and video taken of Ryouko to ship her with every MG in handholding distances. The great ship wars of Mami/Ryouko, Kyouko/Ryouko, and Asami/Ryouko are remembered for years to come. Asami/Ryouko is declared canon, the rival factions weep.

I see…

If such manipulation were possible, wouldn't the Incubators already have engaged in it in the past?

…what kind of manipulation?

How much research has been done into the sexual orientation of MGs in-universe?

Plenty, I’m sure.

well the first one looks like * on the wrong side of the space and the second one looks like just mismatched * to **, so ... assume pebkac without further evidence :&

Well, I just mean it doesn’t show up in the original markdown as an error, so…

Given her fame slash fic of Ryouku must now exist in universe....

Let us presume that that is all that exists.

"Ryouko, Asami picked that dress for you. You asked* her to. You can't say it makes you look like* celery. Think about it. I'm an idiot for even bringing that up. It was a joke anyway. My aesthetic value algorithms say you look great. I'm not making that up." "*"Will she be alright?** she asked the distant telepath, the signal piercing the depths of space at maximum priority, with the best quantum encryption available." smells like markdown breakage

Seems to be failed html conversion out of markdown, actually. Curse you, pandoc!