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第一卷 量子纠缠

第一章 许愿




Well this is sort of amazing. He says he has a lot more translated and wants me permission to post it, which I gave, of course.

My command of Mandarin is passing at best, but wow.

Hey Hireonym, can I ask for some literary advice? i.e. could you read a scene or two I wrote and give me some pointers/comments?

Generally, I tend to be friendly to this kind of request. But…asking anonymously doesn’t really give me a way to communicate back…

Did anybody ever analyze the pictures Homu Homu drew? Like, psychology-wise?

The MHD has probably tried to, but I doubt it was more informative than “hmm, maybe she’s sort of crazy”.

Happy Birthday, Goddess Madoka!

Yes, happy belated birthday. (10/3)

Hang in there, Mami~
In chapter 11, Ryouko goes to the movies with her school friends and this line is read: "As they passed the giant holo-statues of the main characters, Ryouko slowed, glancing over Mami, Kyouko, Yuma, Homura and the goddess in the back. She was startled to realize she had met three of them, or, if you stretched the definition of "met", even four of them." When did she meet Yuma or Homura? Isn't her first encounter with Yuma at Yuma's birthday party?

She saw Yuma in a vision previously.

Has the MSY ever done any studies on the relevance of Soul Gem size to magical girl strength?

Not particularly. Sizes don’t really vary, outside of Godoka’s soul gem which was a special case…

hieronym I'm so proud of you ♥

Thank you?

philomado, eh?

I suck with names…